Advantages of having an online dietitian-nutritionist

No need of displacement:

If you work and do not have much time, or you live in another region or country, you can be attended online by any dietitian-nutritionist of Centro Aleris.

Online Consult:

The attention through videoconference allows you to feel the close treatment of the face-to-face consultations.

Your dietitian-nutritionist will provide you all your materials in digital format (PDF) which allow you consult them easily and accesible.

1st Consultation

Collection of all the necessary information to elaborate a tailored plan adapted to your objectives and needs.

2nd Consultation

Delivery of the personalized diet plan with the materials and example menus.

Follow up consultation

● Evaluation of the objectives
● Update of dietary plan
● Delivery of additional materials
● Resolution of doubts and food education

In Aleris we don’t have a static method, we fit you.
Note: We do not offer the service of choosing nutritionist. We assign it according to agenda and specialization.

Online consult service

Fill in the contact form and we will assign you a dietitian-nutritionist specialized in the area of your query.

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